Swimming with Giants

The Drowned Cat

I am not exactly fond of swimming. Don’t get me wrong, swimming is an incredible sport. However, I would be lying if I told you I had an interest in getting wet. My fear of the ocean started with a particularly aggressive wave that drove me head first into the beach when I was body surfing as a kid. They say my father pulled me out of the sand by my feet and cleaned the sand out of my mouth, nose, and eyes. I don’t remember most of it. But I remember that wave.

The Drowned Cat

Overcoming Fear

So what would possess a woman who has affectionately been labeled a “cat” to dive into the waters off the beaches of Maui in search of the giants of the sea? It’s simple: My desire to witness a miracle of nature outweighed my fear 10 to 1. As a result, when I entered the water and my fear caught in my throat, I pushed on.

The Miracle

Once I jumped in, I found myself surrounded by a family of sea turtles. Time stopped. They were impossibly big and yet as graceful as ballerinas slowly floating through ribbons of golden sunlight. Then, one particularly gentle looking giant turned to face me and seemed to look right into my soul. My heart and breathing slowed. Calm washed over me. And I knew peace.

Sea Turtle


In that magical moment, I was hit with a clarity I have never experienced. I realize now that the fact that I am so blessed with success in my relationships and career is without question due to my consistent decision to jump in, face fear, move through it to clarity and surround myself with giants on land AND in the sea. I desire greatness. So I surround myself with greatness. I desire freedom. So I run toward fear with the inspired intention to stretch and expand my limits. The funny thing about fear is that when you chase it, it runs away.

Does your desire to witness a miracle outweigh your fear?

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