3 Reasons to Stop Using MLM Scripts

Throughout this article I use the phrases, “Network Marketing”, “Social Marketing” and Multi-Level Marketing” (MLM) interchangeably.

What? Stop Using Scripts?

If I know you, you’re wondering why in the world a Social/ Network marketing professional would have a problem with using scripts.  Aren’t scripts a huge part of the learning process?  Of course they are.  Scripts are like training wheels on a bicycle.  They make the learning process feel safer and more comfortable. They enable a certain level of success that can inspire the confidence needed to follow through to professional success.  Why move away from scripts?  Move away from scripts for the same reason you move away from training wheels.  There’s only so far  and so fast you can go with training wheels before you’re eating everyone else’s 2 wheeled dust.

2 Truths about using scripts in any Social Marketing business

#1:  Scripts are helpful for getting started.

#2:  Scripts don’t feel authentic.

3 Reasons to stop using scripts

#1: People value sincerity and authenticity over glossy facts and statistics.

#2: Your unique perspective and feelings are your number one asset.

#3: Scripts must be left behind in order to reach next level success.

A script is a word for word documentation of someone else’s thoughts.  The key phrases are there, but so is their personality.  Keep the key phrases and insert your own personality.  If it feels right, say it.  If it doesn’t feel right, don’t say it.

Scripts are helpful for getting started.

The number one reason a consultant or representative does not succeed in a network marketing business is because they are not following and duplicating a proven system for success.  That begs the question, “Why don’t people follow a proven system if that system is known to work?”.  This is a question that has plagued social marketing leaders for years.  The answer is abundantly clear.  The answer is FEAR.

Leading Network Marketing Educator and founder of Network Marketing Pro, Eric Worre, believes that the number one reason people are afraid to follow through on a system for success is because they don’t know what to say to people about their product or service.  When someone doesn’t have the words, they aren’t going to say the words.

“… something magical happens when YOU say the words”

Eric Worre/ Network Marketing Pro

So, in this case, a script can be a fantastic starting point.

Why move away from scripts?

People value sincerity and authenticity over glossy facts and statistics.  Time and time again I see people memorize scripts word for word and inevitably they come across a situation in which the script doesn’t work.  What always works is this:  Use your product, and speak from personal experience.  If you own a business and you are not personally using the products you are sharing, there is little to no chance of your success.  By using your own products regularly, you position yourself in a place of integrity that cannot be faked by copying and pasting someone else’s thoughts word for word.  Can you imaging being a rep for a company selling shampoo and having guests in your home see your competitors brand in the shower?  Authenticity comes from personal experience with the product.  Speak from the heart about products you and your family are actually using and you can’t go wrong.  Awkward, excited and real beats out perfectly memorized lines any day.

Pursue yourself as much as you pursue success

Your number one asset

Your number one asset in your network marketing business is you.  Of all the people running around crazy on this planet there is only one you.  While duplicating a system is necessary for building a successful business, duplicating a person is not.  Be real.  Be you.  Develop yourself into the most authentic and best version of you.  Pursue yourself as much as you pursue success and you will see both coming your way soon enough.  The more confident you are in your core beliefs and skills, the better.  Ask your coach for some recommendations on self-development books to help you grow yourself into your very best you today.

My favorite marketing scripts (yes I have some)

“If I could, would you”

“If I could show you how to lose weight without being hungry all the time would you be interested in hearing more about my program?

“Feel, Felt, Found”

“I know just how you feel.  I felt that way too when I first started.  But then I found out that while we are in business for ourselves, we are not in business by ourselves.  There is a whole team of positive, empowering people who have got your back.  We are all in this together.”

I love these two scripts because they are open ended and they leave room for your personality and way of speaking to come through.  These are key phrases to keep in your back pocket.  Think of them as a framework upon which you can build a valuable dialogue.  These well loved gems are used globally and in every type of business.  They are written about so often, I can’t even give credit, because I have no idea who said it first, most likely, Og Mandino in The Greatest Salesman in the World.  I most recently heard these tools used in a brilliant bit of video training on Overcoming Obstacles from Network Market Pro’s Eric Worre.

Take off the training wheels

At some point the scripts will no longer be necessary.  Once your business goes from your head to your heart, the scripts fall away and your business explodes.  Once you start speaking from your heart, you become a magnet for success in every way.  In order to get there, you have to do the work.  Practice is the only way to gain confidence and ease in sharing your product or business model.  Listen to presentations made by your role models every day.  Go to events and conferences every single time they are offered.  Practice giving your presentation to your stuffed animals.  Get together with your teammates and role play.  More than anything, book your calendar full.  The more you do in a short period of time, the faster your confidence and business grows.  The more confidence you have the more energy and authenticity you will add to your presentation.  The more energy and authenticity in your presentation, the more your team will grow and the more successful you will become.

Celebrating success at the global training conference

So, if you are new, use your scripts!  Then, book your calendar full, practice practice practice, and throw them away.  Be yourself.  Be real.  Remember, you deserve success!

XOXO Maria


Photos and article by Maria Woodford Spillane ©2018

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