Survival, Injury and the Tree of Life

I love this tree.

She is one of my very favorite things.

She is so beautiful to me.

Her beauty is ever present through every season.

Her waxy green leaves through the summer that curl like cinnamon sticks and fall in cooler weather.

Her reaching, skeletal canopy, decorated with crystals through the winter.

And now this.

This beauty is always within her.

She does not shine in this way every day of her life.

Like everything she ebbs and flows with the seasons.

Her roots are deep.

She is strong and has weathered many storms.

She has lost limbs and survived those injuries with grace.

Today she celebrates her strength, the gifts of rain and sun her mother has given her, years of swinging children, and the awe inspiring cycle of life.

She has put on her very best for the occasion.

She is proud, and I love her.

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